The job and the career market as well as the education today have become highly competitive. Althoughthe competition has increased, the opportunities have increased too. Today along with conventionalcareer options there are in numerous non-conventional career options. Individuals around the world are traveling to different destinations for career as well as job purposes. Colleges and universities now offer a global study environment and use world-class teaching techniques to produce professionals, experts,leaders and winners.

Talentsaath is the result of coming together of visionaries, teachers, trainers, life skill coaches,counselors, career experts and experts from various other fields. Talentsaath is helping students findtheir talents, hone their skills and shape their career. We help individuals explore new and hiddentalents, and nourish the already existing ones. The main aim of Talentsaath is to inform individuals about various career choices after high school, graduation and post-graduation, about various entrance exams,eligibility criteria for admission, various courses, and various entrance exams and so on.

We have comprehensively covered a wide range of career options and what path does one need tofollow to succeed in them respectively. Our experts suggest various reference books and study materialand also provide links to download free eBooks wherever possible. We inform the students or test-takers about the eligibility criteria, syllabus, admission or selection process, fee structure, entrance exam fee, and every other detail which one would like to know about a career, course or job.

You can read about various entrance exams conducted on various educational as well as professionallevel. Entrance exams along with personal interviews, group discussions and some other rounds suchas medical tests, psychological tests, etc. have become common for entry in most colleges/universities/institutes as well as most professions. Nowadays, the government and private sectors are conductingwritten or online tests to filter candidates, which are then put through various other tests to finally reach the crème-de-la- crème.

Talentsaath also allows the users to take a specially designed Employability Test to know their employment quotient and standing in the job market. The test is specially designed by Talentsaath experts and covers language skills, aptitude, reasoning, general knowledge, aptitude and several other important aspects. We also provide latest updates in our News Update section, where our experts constantly update the dates of various entrance exams, changes in exam date/pattern/syllabus, cancellation of exams, various exam results and any other important piece of information concerning exams, jobs and career.

The students/test takers can also communicate with other users, students or our experts in our Forum.

A user can initiate a forum or take part in any forum initiated by other users or our experts. Our aim is to build an online student community to bring together students/test takers from all over India so that the students can share their knowledge and information, share their anxieties, resolve their queries and exchange tricks and tips amongst them.

For us, each of you is unique, talented and bright. We will help you get the right information as right information is half the work done and then help you choose a path which suits you the best. We have institute information about various colleges/institutes/universities from all over the world, offering different courses, degrees and diplomas. Whether you are interested in Engineering, Civil Services, Architecture, Medicine, Law, Fine Arts, Hotel Management, Teaching, Performing Arts, Research, Defense Services or any other course/profession we will help you find the right institute.

Our Talentsaath experts will hold your hand in times of trouble, guide you in times of confusion and push you if you ever feel like giving up. Contact Talentsaath experts to know how we can help you shape your career!