Employability Tests are there to help the test takers gauge their employment quotient and their standing in the job market. In the past few decades, various new jobs have come up and there are more careers in the market than ever before. Every sector is growing and evolving at a fast pace and job opportunities are increasing worldwide. Industry giants, big brands and MNC’s are expanding their working and offices in various countries around the world. Companies are also promoting diversity at work and are hiring people based on their worth, performance, knowledge, skills and experience over their ethnicity.

So many career options and so many sectors are leaving most of us confused and disillusioned. Besides traditional jobs like Civil Services, Medicine, Engineering, Law, Teaching, etc. there are in numerous non-conventional fields in the market now. Most of us choose our careers very early in our lives. As soon as we enter high school, we are expected to narrow down our choices and decide our fields. Once we pick our field, be it Humanities (Arts), Commerce or Science we are expected to stay on that road till we retire.

We get our Degrees, Diplomas and Certifications in our chosen field and then begins the search for a job. With the increasing competition and companies keeping strict criteria for selection and recruitment a specialized employability test like the one conducted by Talentsaath helps the test takers know how employable and job/market ready are they actually are. An employability test is not to highlight our flaws instead it helps us find our shortcomings and improve them before we apply for an important job interview.

Talentsaath conducts employability tests for candidates to help them understand where they stand in the job market. Employability tests highlight and bring forward your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Although, these tests are ideal for those who are just about to start their career, but they are also well-suited for people planning to change jobs, explore new careers and go into different fields. An employability test helps you find more talents and skills than the ones which you already know about and also helps you know how well do you fare in the field you have chosen for yourself.

There is no preparation required before giving an employability test and yet it judges a candidate on various subjects and criteria. An employability test is usually an ideal mix of various sections to check your language skills, subject knowledge, general knowledge, analytical and reasoning skills and sometimes also includes psychological tests. It is of great help for you to shortlist a few career options out of the huge pool of options available in the market. It also helps a candidate understand what companies look for in a candidate before getting them on-board.

Talentsaath’s Employability Test has been prepared after several months of hard work and research by a team of professionals from various fields, job consultants and psychological experts. Register for an employability test today and get an in-depth understanding of your weaknesses and strengths.
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