Competence in Software Technology (CST) Entrance Exam Genaral

The competence in software technology (CST) is a nation-wide examination conducted by C-DAC (formerly known as National Centre for Software Technology). C-DAC is a scientific society of the Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India. It has centers at Mumbai, Noida, Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mohali, and Thiruvananthapuram with the headquarters at Pune.

The CST examination is held once a year, normally around January-February. The CST examination tests a candidate for conceptual knowledge and practical skills. It is conducted in three different levels – Level E, Level D and Level G.

The main objectives of CST are-

• To provide standardized scores to candidates which they can use while applying for employment in the IT industry.
• To provide support to IT industry in identifying suitable candidates for recruitment.
• To shortlist candidates for interviews, for employment at C-DAC, Mumbai, Electronics City Bangalore and other centers.
• To select students for post-graduate diploma courses like PGDST (Post-Graduate Diploma in Software Technology) and FPGDST (Full-time Post-Graduate Diploma in Advanced Software Technology), etc.
• To obtain standardized scores which can be used in seeking admission to post-graduate courses of other educational institutions/university courses.
• Job opportunities at C-DAC centers.
• Dissertation Project fellowships at C-DAC.

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Competence in Software Technology (CST) Entrance Exam Genaral
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