Graduate School Admission Test (GSA)

Just as with undergraduate admissions, graduate school applications usually require standardized test scores. These tests are considered a means of predicting one’s potential for success in graduate/professional programs. The specific test/tests that you take will be determined by the programmes you want to pursue and apply for, and this information will be included in your application material. Check with the institutes/universities to which you plan to apply for information about the required exams.

Some of the common entrance examinations for graduate and professional schools are -

GRE Graduate Record Examination
GMAT Graduate Management Admission Test
MCAT Medical College Admission Test
LSAT Law School Admission Test
DAT Dental Admission Test

It is very important to thoroughly prepare for the exam and being thorough with each topic. Taking these tests multiple times is sometimes not an option or can be very expensive in some cases. For those taking the GRE, all GRE scores earned within the past five years will be sent to the graduate schools to which you apply. As programs review your scores, some will look at the most recent one, while others will take into account all the scores. Thus, doing well the first time around is to your advantage.

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Graduate School Admission Test (GSA)
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