National Defence Academy

The National Defence Academy is located south-west of Pune City. The NDA is the foundation for a career in the Indian military services. Its training and education program has a 4 year structure. The first 3 years include taking courses in all subjects for a University Degree plus basic training of fundamental military sciences. After completion of 3 years the cadet gets a University Degree.

The final year focuses on the specialization into the specific branch of the Indian Military Services that a cadet desires to join. Army cadets go to the IMA at Dehra Dun, Air Force cadets to the flying training establishments in Hyderabad and the Naval cadets for Midshipman training to the Training Ships.

Admission to the NDA is conducted twice a year via an entrance examination, held every six months by the UPSC. The candidates selected from the competitive exam, further go through multiple interviews including physiological and group testing followed by a thorough medical examination.

National Defence Academy
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